Fields and Vito Acconci

Thanks to Alan for the comment on the Lebbeus Woods post and his reference to Vito Acconci. Barbara Gladstone had a large exhibition of Acconci’s early works (Diary of a Body 1969-73) in April. The catalog documenting this period will be published by Charta in the fall. The exhibition was (as one might expect) text-heavy. The catalog will be a welcome relief to the legs and allow the viewer to think more productively about this important body of work.

P.S. [5 July 04] There was an informative interview with Acconci in Sculpture magazine (September 2002). In it he talks about his origins as a writer, the notion of the page as a field of action, and how this insight has shaped his practice over the years. Another interview, with Hans-Ulrich Obrist, can be found here.

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